Areas of Knowledge and Lines of Investigation

Area of Optics

  • Low vision.
  • Quality of image of optical holographic elements.
  • Design, control and manufacture of ophthalmic elements.
  • Holograms generated by computer.
  • Image, Vision and Colour.
  • Interaction of the lens of contact and drugs, properties of the materials for the manufacture of lens of contact.
  • Holographic lithography.
  • Holographic materials of record.
  • Recognition, processed and quality of images.
  • Space and chromatic vision.

Area of Pharmacology

  • Apoptosis.
  • Molecular genetics of the ocular pathologies.
  • Ocular inflammation.
  • Neuroprotección Ocular.


Area of Anatomy and Human Embryology


  • Optoelectronical analysis of images for clinical diagnostic
  • Anatomy and biomecánica of the cervical column of the man.
  • Studies on the chemical foundation and mechanisms of different histological technologies.
  • Neuroanatomy of the mechanisms of integration visuo and audio - engine in the low coliculo of the albino rate.
  • Neurobiology of the auditory system and of the audition.
  • Neurobiology of the visual system and of the vision.
  • Neuromorfology of the retina of mammals with the illness of Parkinson and others.