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Thesis Ana Tauste

The past day 25 July celebrated in the Living room of Degrees Alfredo Orts the defence of the thesis doctoral by compendio of publications, titled:

"Assessment of the ocular and visual alterations associated to the use of lens of contact in exposed workers to screens of visualisation of data"

The thesis doctoral defended by Ana Tauste French, student of the program of Doctorate in Sciences of the Health, has been directed by the doctors María of the Sea Followed Crespo of the Department of Optics, Pharmacology and Anatomy, and Elena Round Pérez of the Area of Preventive Medicine and Public Health. In her it analysed the symptomatology and the alterations of the ocular surface and of the tear in a sample of workers of the Public Administration of the province of Alicante exposed to computer and users of lens of contact.
The court of thesis was formed by the doctors Alberto Artola Roig (University Miguel Hernández) like president, Begoña Doménech Amigot (University of Alicante) like secretary and Javier Fields Serna (The Royal Wolverhamptom NHS Trust, United Kingdom Acute Medical Unit) like vowel.
After the defence and back debate with the members of the court, the new doctor by the University of Alicante was merecedora of the qualification of Excellent Cum Laude with international quotation.

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