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Alfredo Vega Estrada


Dr. Alfredo Vega Estrada is in charge of the Special Unit in Keratoconus VISSUM Alicante. He is a specialist in ophthalmology by the Central University of Venezuela. Since 2010 develops his clinical and research work in the r & d Department of VISSUM eye Corporation, and specializes in surgery of the Anterior segment and refractive surgery. He is currently Honorary collaborator of the University Miguel Hernández of Elche, where he developed his doctoral thesis. Author of various publications of research and chapters of books, related to surgical specialties, has presented numerous papers at national and international conferences.




Overview presentation: "Keratoconus: new diagnostic and therapeutic perspectives of a not-so-rare disease"

Keratoconus is the disease most common corneal dilated, which is characterized by progressive thinning of the corneal stroma, which leads to morphological alterations of tissue and thus to a negative impact on the visual function of the patient. During the last decade, the implant of segments of rings intracorneal (ICRS) and corneal collagen cross-linking (CXL), surgical techniques are used for the treatment of this disease. Implant ICRS has proven to be an effective technique in the shaping of the cornea when taking into account old classifications based on morphology and not on the visual function of the patient. On the other hand, clinical results have proved the effectiveness that has the CXL in stopping the progression of the disease, but is a long and cumbersome procedure both for the patient and the surgeon. This communication, will consider the long-term effect of the implant ICRS, as well as the evaluation of the results, taking into account a classification based on visual function and new diagnostic parameters. In addition, they will be announced new corneal collagen cross-linking techniques using nanotechnology.


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