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Bibiana Urbina


Degree in Optometria in de la Salle University, Bogota, Colombia.Posee approved certification of optical-optometrists experience as optometrist in Spain for 4 years in a national optical chain and an eye clinic. From 2011 the ranks of responsible commercial zona Levante J & J Vision Care, in which is responsible among other tasks of training and education of professionals of the vision.





Overview presentation: "Contact lenses and UV filter"

The talk aims to give the main reasons why professional vision should strike up a conversation about the eye protection against ultraviolet.

Ultraviolet radiation is especially known for the impact that has on the skin. However, when we refer to the eyes, lack of knowledge of the harmful effects of UV on the eye structures is much higher among the population.

UV radiation can be involved in pathogenesis of eye to involving fabrics ranging from the surface of the eye, the inside of the eye and even the retina. Eye pathogenesis related to UV radiation is called Oftalmoheliosis.

Exposure to the UV between eyes and skin differs in some respects. Recent studies in Japan have shown that increased UV exposure in the eyes occurs at different times than the skin, so it is important to eye protection throughout the day and regardless of the weather.

With life expectancy increasing, prevention takes on great significance and is in the hands of professional vision strike up a conversation about the benefits of a suitable UV eye protection. This ideal protection combines a wide-brimmed hat, wraparound sunglasses and UV filter contact lenses. This recommendation will be well perceived by their patients and will help to maintain your professional image.


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