Celia Sánchez Ramos


He is PhD in preventive medicine and public health from the Complutense University of Madrid and PhD in Sciences of the Universidad Europea de Madrid Vision. Degree in Pharmacy and diploma in optics and optometry. In 2012 has been invested "Doctor Honoris Causa" by the Menéndez Pelayo International University for their support for the translation of scientific knowledge to the society.

He is Professor of the Complutense University of Madrid since 1986 providing teaching in study of degree, Master, doctoral and continuing education. Is Director of the Department of optics II: Vision, optometrist and researcher of the Laboratorio de Neuro - computation and Neuro-Robotics and founder. For 26 years he leads national and international institutional and private research projects. His research focuses on the field of neurodegeneration, prevention and protection of the visual system and the visual signal processing.

Inventor of 13 families of patents (patent 448 records) is related to the retinal neuroprotection, Ocular biometry and road safety. She is the founder of the spin-off companies from technology-based "hi-tech efficiency" and "Factory r & d".

In 2009 she was named best international inventor by the Organization of United Nations (UN) and in 2010 won the Grand Prix to the best international invention.

Its research findings have been published in books, chapters and scientific articles of their subject area. He participated in congresses, symposia, scientific meetings and lectures all over the world for 25 years.

Overview presentation: "New contact lenses for photoprotection in prevention of AMD"

We can vision professionals strengthen, artificially, ocular physiological defenses to visual health care?

The light, which is necessary for vision, can produce toxic effects on the visual system. Damage caused by ultraviolet and infrared are well known to all; However, although already in 1965, Noell described the adverse effects produced by the violet and blue light on the retina, so far no has deepened the study of lightning protection systems.

The visual system, physiological form, protects the retina through three mechanisms: yellow chromophores of the Crystal, absence of S cones and pigment macular, however this natural process of self defense is weakened by aging, producing an increase in the risk of retinal degeneration. If we add to this fact that current technology (tablets, smartphones, computers and televisions) forces to directly look light emitting display, with massive and continuous, the risk of eye damage can increase exponentially.

The experts in vision is essential to avoid eye damage, contributing its experience and becoming active agents for the prevention of Visual damage. In this paper it is presented, for the first time worldwide, contact lenses for photoprotection in prevention of AMD that incorporate suitable absorption of wavelengths short to preserve the visual system of excess light to which we are subjected.