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David P. Piñero Llorens


David Pinero 1

PhD by the University of Alicante in 2010, graduated in optics and optometry at the University of Alicante, degree in documentation from the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya and postgraduate diploma in optometry Pre and postoperative at the University of Valladolid. Currently he is Associate Professor of the Department of optics, Pharmacology and Anatomy of the University of Alicante, head of the research unit of OFTALMAR (International Medimar Hospital, Alicante), scientific coordinator of the Foundation for Visual quality (FUNCAVIS), technical director of the company IPASS scientific services and associate editor of several scientific journals (Journal of Optometry, BMC Ophthalmology and Journal of Ophthalmology). At the same time, he is author of more than one hundred scientific articles in impacted journals.



Overview presentation: "advances in the characterization of corneal Biomechanics"

The characterization of biomechanics of the cornea in clinical practice has reached great popularity in recent times due to the relevance of their study to understand certain changes corneal after a variety of ophthalmological surgeries as well as the evolution and prognosis of certain pathologies. To date, there are few devices that allow characterizing the properties biomechanical corneal vivo, existing not very extensive scientific evidence that corroborates the correlation between properties of corneal biomechanical and topographic parameters and aberrometricos, especially in the field of Pathology strawberry. Specifically, these studies have been carried out with the Ocular Response Analyzer devices (ORA) (Reichert, Buffalo, NY, USA) and Corvis ST (Oculus). The talk aims to show evidence of clinical utility of these devices, as well as the emerging technique of Brillouin optical microscopy and other techniques in development.


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