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Diana Bravo


Diana BravoDiploma in optics and optometry from the Complutense University of Madrid. It has the master's degree in optometry and vision therapy by the optometry International Centre (IOC) in Madrid and Master's degree in Visual rehabilitation at the University of Valladolid, (IOBA).

It currently exerts his professional activity as a Director of the company eDiagnostic ophthalmology, eDiagnostic group, since 2010. Your professional area focuses on the coordination of projects related to telemedicine in the division of ophthalmology. Featured projects include collaboration in the project of Teleoftalmologia in primary care from SACYL (health of Castilla y León), whose purpose is to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of the implementation of the teleoftalmologia for the control of RD (diabetic retinopathy); as well as the project of network of accredited centres, currently comprising more than 50 optical centers, to promote the importance of regular eye reviews and early detect eye diseases of great transcendence socio-health.

Emphasize the research project ePredice, which takes place in the framework of calls for the seventh framework programme of the EU. eD ophthalmology, in collaboration with the IOBA (University Institute of applied Ophthalmobiology), is responsible for the evaluation of microvascular endpoints retinal, providing the technology platform for the transfer of retinographies.

Overview presentation: "Application of diagnosis in optometric practice"

With the proposed communication will take place an approach on new forms of health care in the specialty of Ophthalmology, using telemedicine procedures. By means of telemedicine applied to eye care, optical optometrists can count on a support tool in the clinical management of patients, thus benefiting from a more comprehensive care. We will analyze the role of the optometrist optical in blindness prevention campaigns and the creation of a circuit that allows a specialized care of patients with Ophthalmic Pathology.

Another objective is to provide an update of the main pathologies to diagnose and the importance of early detection efforts. It will be focus on the identification of the main causes of blindness in Spain. Also be a review of protocols that optimize the image capture process and guarantee the quality of the care process using teleoftalmologia techniques.Finally, clinical cases of application of diagnosis techniques, will be displayed allowing you to reflect on the opportunities for improvement that involves the application of the teleoftalmologia in the practice of Optometry.


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