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Francisco Lara Lacárcel


Francisco Lara

Diploma in optics and optometry since 1982 (Universidad Complutense de Madrid). Technical Director and owner of optics Lara (Murcia). Degree in optics and optometry (University of Murcia). September 2012. Master in research in Vision Sciences. July 2012. Lecturer of the diploma and now grade optics and optometry at the University of Murcia since 1994. Member of the research group on Science of the Vision of the University of Murcia. (CIVIUM). Responsible for the section of Binocular Vision of the University Clinic of Integral Vision of the University of Murcia (UCIV). Secretary of the University Clinic of Integral Vision of the University of Murcia (UCIV). Co-Director of the course's Vision of the University of the sea of the University of Murcia.



Overview presentation: "New treatments for amblyopia"

Amblyopia is a condition that affects 1-3% of the population in which it is reduced visual function in one, or rarely both eyes, with best optical correction and without pathology. The "alteration of visual function" concept is interesting since in amblyopia, although the first sign is the decrease of AV, this is the tip of the iceberg of a syndrome in which affected the sensitivity to contrast, locking, accommodation, ocular motility and shape recognition. Treatment should be aimed not only at improving the AV, but to all the factors that make up "visual function".

There are dogmas that are difficult to discuss and change in the treatment of Visual dysfunctions. Dogmas which in the ambliopias mainly refer to treatment: prescription, age at which to start, even when possible, time of occlusion. We must ask ourselves up to where those dogmas are true and if the point of view about certain things should be changed in order to improve our work. Let's not forget that the ultimate aim in the treatment of binocular dysfunction is to recover, to the extent possible, binocularity.


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