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Pedro Tana Rivero


Pedro Taña

Graduate in medicine and surgery by the University of Valencia, he made the specialty of Ophthalmology via MIR in 1989 at the Hospital General Universitario de Alicante, where he was a medical assistant for over 10 years. Doctor of medicine from 1995 by the University of Alicante, with the qualification of Apto Cum Laude extraordinary award (with the thesis titled "influence of Capsulotomy and biomechanical factors in the position of intraocular lenses in the capsular bag of the Crystal. Clinical and experimental study". Alicante, on April 8, 1995. Director: Prof. Dr. José Belmonte Martinez). Author of more than 25 scientific publications, with 4 awards at different conferences, participates annually for more than 15 years as panelist at national and international conferences.

Medical Director and head of OFTALVIST (company in which mostly ASISA) since 2002 where more than 9,000 surgeries a year, where coordinates and oversees the anterior segment surgery, and carries out more than 50% of the processes of corneal refractive surgery, and more than 25% of the Premium on the crystalline lens surgery is performed. Physician Assistant of the ophthalmology service of the Hospital General de Alicante SVS, from January 1, 1993 to October 2003, with square property, currently on unpaid leave. It has also participated in the General meeting of Nominal Group as expert, on the subject: "Interventions on crystalline", convened by the Consellería de Sanitat i Consum of the Generalitat Valenciana, on November 28, 1994. He has been member of the Commission of AIDS between January 1991 and December 1993 and the Commission's stories clinics Hospital of the HGUA, from January 1995 until 2001.


Overview presentation: "New techniques in ophthalmic surgery with femtosecond laser"

The Relex Smile is a new technique of refractive corneal surgery which consists of the intraestomal carved with femtosecond laser (Visumax, Zeiss) of a lenticulo of the graduation of the patient's eye, without involvement of the epithelium nor Bowman membrane. To preserve the ocular surface, prevents the hypostasis and dry eye of Lasik technique, as well as improving the corneal biomechanics, being especially suitable in myopic patients, with half astigmatism / bass, athletes (null possibility of displacement of the Flap because does not exist), and patients with little tear. Lasers femtosecond which in Oftalvist we were pioneers in Spain to buy the first laser, femtosecond Intralase (master) in 2004, have an accuracy of 1micra (500 times more than the excimers lasers), and it allows to treat through transparent means the cornea or lens, and is currently the reference in cataract surgery or refractive Corneal. They are the latest revolution in eye surgery. With accurate and predictable results, the Smile is the technique that better maintaining the integrity of corneal and ocular.


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