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Raúl Montalbán LLamusí


Raul MontalbanGraduated from the University of Alicante in optics in 1993. Since then has been updating its academic formation of continuously with different courses until 2009 where he made Master in advanced optometry and Vision Sciences at the University of Alicante and then adapt to the degree in optics and optometry in 2011 by the University of Alicante. Also has the title of Doctor in 2013 by the University of Alicante with the doctoral thesis entitled "Characterization and validation of the correlation of the geometry of the two surfaces of the human cornea," with score of Cum laude.

His work since 1998 has been developed in the field of different eye clinics collaborating in refractive surgery, glaucoma, retinal units as well as participated in different projects of research and international scientific publications. He currently works at the clinic Bavaria of Alicante where the greater part of its activity is focused on the area of refractive surgery.



Overview presentation: "Fundamentals of intraocular lenses trifocal"

In the current information society in which we live, it is essential to have an adequate near vision with a wide range of sharpness at different distances. The problem of presbyopia, interferes significantly current lifestyle where a view is required demanding both the reading distance and the middle distance by increasing development of electronic devices and computers. The solution to presbyopia with implantation of intraocular lenses, multifocal, both refractive and difractivas, has been limited because qua contributed a bifocal, allowing visual solution to people with these implants to recover an optimal viewing from afar and closely, leaving the middle distance without satisfactory solution. The development of new intraocular lenses trifocal is providing a solution more effective and definitive for patients, since they provide a wider range of near vision crisp.

The objective of this talk is to know the results and clinical methods of evaluation of patients with this type of implant trifocal.


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