Questions frequent Master in clinical optometry and Vision

To register in the first place you have to make pre-registration through the Master's degree in optometry advanced and health Visual page.

Once admitted you formalizarás the tuition through the Secretariat of the Faculty of Sciences

There is the possibility of tuition that requires enrolling only 15 credits.

It will depend on each case in particular. This is why that the Coordinator of the master Celia García which will advise you personally (from September 1). E-mail:, Tel: 965903791

In this case, it is important that you contact the master Coordinator Celia García which will advise you personally. E-mail:, Tel: 965903791

The master Universitario in advanced optometry and eyecare collects a lot of subjects that include large number of clinical cases. But in addition, thanks to the existing agreements with ophthalmologic clinics and companies in the optical and ophthalmological student will receive practico-clinicos seminars. This will be added the right to participate freely in the days of OPTOINNOVA and SANTA OTILIA that bring together the best specialists.

If the master Universitario in clinical optometry and Vision is approved by ANECA and therefore it is valid to State and recognized levels in any public opposition. This differentiates it clearly from the own masters that are only recognized by the universities themselves which are done.

If graduates can perform the master without problems. The only drawback is that later could be the doctorate. To access to the PhD degree should be.