Frequently asked questions for diploma in optics and optometry

In the first place should make the pre-registration.

All the information is at the following address:

Deadlines and qualifications - single phase supply

Once published the lists of admitted it will begin registration.

At the time of registration must submit the academic certificate of studies and other documentation (programs of subjects, etc.) to apply for recognition of credits. After the meeting of the Commission for recognition of credits, indicate what are the subjects that have been recognized and what is required to enroll.

NOT exists mode VIRTUAL, must pre-register in the degree of optics and optometry, indicating that you are a university degree.

The Commission for recognition of credits will analyze the curriculum you've done and establish the subjects that you will have to study for obtaining the degree. The end of degree work will always have to perform.

The University of Alicante required B1 level of a foreign language (English, French, etc) to qualify the end of degree work, and obtain the title of graduated in optics and optometry.

Graduates of a curriculum that will have completed courses of English, can consult their situation in Secretariat of the Faculty of Sciences at the time of registration.

Yes, as the law work end-of-degree is it cannot recognize even though some work official master's or diploma work is carried. It is mandatory therefore always work end-of-degree.

The cost of the degree will depend on the subjects that are recognized of the diploma that you've studied. The number of credits you have to take is around 36 credits. The Commission is recognition of credits that will examine each individual case and establish the subjects that have to be taken. You can check some examples of tables of equivalence and the approximate cost at the following address.

You can contact the Coordinator of the degree in optics and optometry call 965903791 to receive more information in this regard.

Yes, tests are face to face. The teacher may issue a certificate of attendance to the review if requested to do so by the student. It is recommended to request it in advance.

Yes, directly you have to enroll in the degree of optics and optometry. So at the end you will have official title (that do not own) which is valid at the State level and is recognized in any public opposition that requires degree. To directly realize the extent you don't need to make any adaptation course or course of specialist training, some of which may not be official since they fall in the so-called qualifications and who are not recognized at the State level.