Santa Otilia 2017

The day of Santa Otilia held at our Centre for more than 10 years. Initially held in a weekend and later on a full day in the middle of course. After the incorporation of the school of optics and optometry at the Faculty of Sciences, the celebration of this day are returned to making it coincide with the feast of the patron saint of the optometry, in mid-December.

The main objective of this Conference, is without doubt, the strengthen the motivation of students of optics and optometry to study your degree, by the direct contact with professionals and their daily activities. In addition, it allows students, graduates and professionals keep in touch with the University and learn the techniques and the most up-to-date methods in the daily practice of optometry and ophthalmology.

The day program is structured in four parts:

  • Cycle of destined conferences to treat the last novelties and the last advances in Clinical Optometry, Contactología, Surgery Refractiva
  • Experience ERASMUS in the University of Padua
  • Exhibition of two of the best Works End of Degree and End of Máster of the course 2016-17
  • Round table on the professional profiles of the optical-optometrist. The speakers are four optical-optometrists that develop his professional work in different fields: sanitary establishment of optics, international cooperation, clinical oftalmológica and hospital.

The registration only have to it realise those that want the credit ECTS

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XI Day Clinical Optometry of Santa Otilia, Splits I, Living room of Degrees Alfredo Orts.



XI Day Clinical Optometry of Santa Otilia, Splits II, Living room of Degrees Alfredo Orts.