Videostreaming room

¿What is the Videostreaming?

The Service of Videostreaming of the University of Alicante commissions of the diffusion in direct (real time) and through Internet of celebrated evento in any one of the rooms instrumented to such effect. To be able to follow one of these broadcasts, so alone is necessary to have a computer, mobile or tablet connected to Internet.

All the videos generated of the reports and the courses remain recorded, by what will be able to be visionados later. For this the organisation of the days will assign a name of user and password to all the inscribed.

All the inscribed in the days, already was in the face-to-face modality as in the virtual, will have right to see the talks and the courses by which have paid in differed.

The videos complete of the reports and the courses will be available from 1 June, and will give a term of 1 month to be able to be visionados the times that wish .


¿I need some software, application or reproductor special to see the transmissions?

  • In a principle the transmissions can be gone on down computer, mobile or tablet, as long as they fulfil a series of requirements.

If you access from a device with iOS of Apple (iPod/iPad/iPhone) is not necessary to have installed any extra software.

If it is not the case, it is necessary to have installed Season Flash Player ( link to the web of download in Season ).


  • ¿Which connection to Internet have to have to follow an evento by videostreaming?

To be able to see properly a restransmisión by Internet, recommends an available bandwidth of 2Mbits by second like minimum.

If there are programs of massive download (FTP, PeerToPeer, Torrent, etc.) active in the same network in which have connected our computer, is possible that the reproduction do not do properly since these applications are used to to consume all the free bandwidth of our network.

Important: it is important to take into account that the visualisation of a transmission by Internet using a mobile device can consume data and therefore it can comport an extra cost in bill of our mobile. Besides, when treating of a continuous broadcast, the consumption is much more high that the one who uses when sailing by internet or consult the email.

¿Can visualise from any computer, mobile or tablet?

The visualisation in direct of an act by Internet is a complex process (in terms of processing) that needs that the computer from which is doing was powerful. A computer or device very ancient can not having sufficient processor as to be able to reproduce properly a broadcast in direct by Internet.

If you want to check if with your computer or device can follow the videostreaming, goes in in the page of proof that have available.



Source: Service of Videostreaming University of Alicante